[Mailman-Users] Normal mails changed to MIME mail

Matthias Juchem lists at konfido.de
Sat Feb 8 18:03:51 CET 2003

On Saturday, 8. February 2003 05:01, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
> >>>>> "MJ" == Matthias Juchem <lists at konfido.de> writes:
>     MJ> I thought that the language setting only affects the language
>     MJ> and not the charset...
> It has to because the character set used must match the characters
> available in the selected language.


Hmmm, maybe there should be two options:

- charset/language for mail messages
- language for web pages

or some other split of the one option preferred_language

Currently, it is not possible to have a German language web UI with an 
English language list, is it?

Another alternative would be to have the ability to select a charset for the 
mail messages indepently from the language and the recode messages to match 
the charset...


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