[Mailman-Users] RELEASED Mailman 2.1.1

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Sun Feb 9 02:39:14 CET 2003

I've released Mailman 2.1.1 which includes many bug fixes and language
updates.  This release includes a fix for the cross-site scripting
vulnerability, a fix for the cookie problem, any many other bugs.  I
recommend that all Mailman 2.1 users upgrade to this release.

As usual, I've made both a full source tarball and a patch file
available.  See


for links to download all the patches and the source tarballs.  If you
decide to install the patches, please do read the release notes first:


Note that applying the patch does /not/ completely update the language
support.  If you go the patch route, you will want to cd into the
messages directory and run "make catalogs" before installing.  This
will only work if your OS has the necessary language tools installed.
You don't need to do this if your lists are all English-only.

If you have a problem, please download and install the full release.
It is safe to install this over version 2.1.  You can simply run
configure the way you did for 2.1, then do a make install.  Be sure
you restart your mailman daemon by doing a "mailmanctl restart" after

See also:



-------------------- snip snip --------------------
2.1.1 (08-Feb-2003)

    Lots of bug fixes and language updates.  Also:

    - Closed a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the user options page.

    - Restore the ability to control which headers show up in messages
      included in plaintext and MIME digests.  See the variables

    - Messages included in the plaintext digests are now sent through
      the scrubber to remove (and archive) attachments.  Otherwise,
      attachments would screw up plaintext digests.  MIME digests
      include the attachments inline.

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