[Mailman-Users] Trouble getting htdig to work

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.demon.co.uk
Sun Feb 9 22:27:40 CET 2003

At 18:52 09/02/2003, Paul Kleeberg wrote:
>Well it may look like it will be out with the new and in with the old.
>What is interesting is that RedHat lists the file as 
>htdig-3.2.0-7.20020505 - not a mention of the "beta" term.  Must have been 
>a typo by someone with bad eyesight who typed "-7" instead of "b4"  ;-)
>Now does that also mean I would have to replace htdig-web since it has the 
>same release numbers on the RedHat site as htdig?  (I cannot seem find 
>them on the web.)

I'm surprised, given you've installed htdig-web that you htsearch was not 
in you server's cgi-bin directory: part of your original problem as I 

>What is also interesting is that it appears that RedHat used htdig-3.2b3 
>and then b4 to index the KDE help files in release 7.1 but not 7.2.  Might 
>they have "stabilized" it or is that against the rules without sharing 
>that stabilization?  I think I keep playing with it for now.  Haven't gone 
>production yet.

Faced with the fact that Redhat have baked in some dependencies to 
htdig-3.2 in other packages I would be inclined to leave that in place. I'd 
download the htdig 3.1.6 source and build that from scratch into a 
different base directoy, say /opt/www/htdig (the default I believe) or 
/usr/local/htdig or whatever. Then point the MM config variable 
HTDIG_RUNDIG_PATH at the 3.1.6 version of rundig. If you are going to get a 
conflict between the htdig-3.2's htsearch in your web server cgi-bin 
directory with the the htdig-3.1.6 version then run ./configure in the 
htdig-3.1.6 --with-cgi-bin-dir set to some other directory in the server's 
tree, ServerRoot/cgi-bin/hdig-3.1.6/ for instance, making sure you set the 
appropriate permissions it in httpd.conf. Point the MM config variable 
HTDIG_SEARCH_URL at this htsearch. The htdig-3.1.6 should do its stuff for 
the mail lists and leave htdig-3.2 to do whatever Redhat intended. Best (or 
worst) of both worlds.

>At 12:17 PM -0500 2/9/03, Jon Carnes wrote:
>>Having been through this recently at a site I help out on, I can attest
>>that for us, the drop back to HTDig 3.1.6 (away from the 3.2.b4) was
>>well worth the effort.
>>It's interesting that Red Hat should push the beta out on a production
>>release.  I found it to be of less than production quality and highly
>>recommend that you remove v3.2.b4 and install v3.1.6 of HTDig.
>>On Sat, 2003-02-08 at 19:53, Paul Kleeberg wrote:
>>  >
>>>  Just so you know, it is in the standard "everything" install of the
>>>  cheapest CD version of 8.0 but looking at the bottom of the search
>>>  result page on my newly htdigged site, I see:
>>  >    ht://Dig 3.2.0b4-20020505
>Paul Kleeberg
>paul at fpen.org

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