[Mailman-Users] newsgroup interface problems

Ron Jarrell jarrell at vt.edu
Sun Feb 9 22:47:01 CET 2003

At 08:43 PM 2/9/03 +0000, david at johmar.com wrote:
>Thanks we have spotted a problem with gate_news not being in cron.
>I don't know where the mailman error log resides or have access to it but
>I'm sure Stefan does.  We don't get any error emails probably because it
>isn't running.  I assume error emails would go to list admin's email address
>which includes me, or do you mean the root mail box?

Errors generated by gate_news (assuming it was in cron, which from what you 
say, it wasn't) would end up in either mailman's log, or, if things really 
go kerflooie, would just dump onto stderr, which would cause cron to mail 
it to the user that the cronjob was running under, like any other 
cronjob.  The mailman error log is under the logs subdirectory of the place 
you installed mailman.

With gate_news not running at all, then there's no point in looking for 
error logs; that's the problem.

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