[Mailman-Users] modifying html to contain Mailman subscription fields

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Mon Feb 10 04:46:54 CET 2003

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Russell Roberts wrote:
> I'd like to insert the Mailman information gathering form fields of email
> address, 2 password fields, and the daily digest choice into the index.htm
> file on my web site.

You should be able to just create a form on your page that submits the
username and password to the mailman subscribe CGI.  Put something like this
in index.htm (replacing listhost and listname with your values):

<form Method=POST ACTION="http://<listhost>/mailman/subscribe/<listname">
Your email address: <input type="Text" name="email" size="30" value="">
Your name (optional):<input type="Text" name="fullname" size="30" value="">
<input type="Submit" name="email-button" value="Subscribe">

If you're running MM 2.0 you should remove the fullname input.  You'll also
have to add inputs for the password and password confirmation.  You might
want to add these even if you're using MM 2.1, depending on how much you
value user control vs. ease of subscription.

Just pull up a lists info page and copy the HTML of the parts you want and
put them in index.htm.

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