[Mailman-Users] Messed up list, want to transfer the users

Matthew Davis matthew.davis at dogpound.vnet.net
Mon Feb 10 04:53:14 CET 2003

* Ed Greenberg (edg at greenberg.org) wrote:
> What I'd like to do is to delete the list and recreate it, then add the 
> users back. I can extract a list of users and re-add them, but I cannot 
> figure out how to save their settings (such as digest and nomail).
> Is this possible, or should I just tell them that their options are going 
> to be lost.

The easy way would be to tell them all options will be lost.  But if you
want a bit more work, you could save that info.  Just will take a few extra
steps.  You didn't say which mailman you use, which only means the -f option
won't be availiable on mailman 2.0.x (which is to preserve the full name),
so this information is based on mailman 2.0.13

This gives you all the regular (non-digest) members in a file called
# bin/list_members -rpo regular.members LISTNAME

This will put the digest members in digest.members
# bin/list_members -dpo digest.members LISTNAME

If your using mailman 2.1 then you can get the nomail users
# bin/list_members -npo nomail.members LISTNAME

Then you can readd them using bin/add_members  And I'll give you mailman
2.1.1 examples since now would be a good time to upgrade if your redoing
the list.  Highly recommended upgrading to 2.1.1

# bin/add_members -r regular.members LISTNAME
# bin/add_members -d digest.members LISTNAME

And you can do what you wish with the nomail people.

Matthew Davis

"Freedom defined is freedom denied." -The Illuminatus

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