[Mailman-Users] Puzzled; Selective no-archive patch.

Jon Earle je_mmd at kronos.honk.org
Mon Feb 10 05:36:40 CET 2003

NOTE:  I tried to post this to the development list earlier today, but for
some reason, I can't seem to post there and the list admin hasn't
responded to my inquiry.  I figured I'd try this list instead on the
assumption that some of the developers may be subscribed to both lists and
can perhaps also offer a suggestion as to why I'm not able to post to that

Working on a patch to MM 2.1 (easily patches 2.1.1 too), that will
selectively not archive messages but am having trouble getting them to not
go into the archive.  Link to patch is here:


Essentially, I run a list where the members like to email pics and other
funnies to each other.  This is fine with me, but I'd rather they not go
into the archive for obvious reasons.  I made a change to the moderation
screen to add a checkbox to not archive the particular message, or in the
message list screen, to not archive all of them.  Obviously, the approval
of the moderator would be required to make the noarchive option work.

I think I've got the various pieces in place in the admin screen, and I
have the message metadata including a 'noarchive' entry.  I then theorized
that my next step would be to fiddle with Handlers/ToArchive.py (part of
the qrunner?).  I thought that by adding a check for the 'noarchive' entry
in msgdata nr the top of the process method would do the trick, but no.
Did a slight mod to Approve.py and still no luck.  Not sure what do now
and would appreciate any advice given.

I've worked with C for a few years, learned Perl last Nov and this is my
first foray into Python.


Jon Earle

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