[Mailman-Users] Solved! (Selective no archive message option)

Jon Earle je_mmd at kronos.honk.org
Mon Feb 10 06:35:47 CET 2003

I've fixed my own problem.

I noticed a syntax error in Handlers/Approve.py.  I figured it was the
msg.get syntax, so I copied the format from a few lines above.  No luck.
After seriously scratching my head for a while, I noticed that the
indentation in python blocks was done with spaces.  I'd used tabs.
Changed tabs to spaces and voila!  I now have a working feature!

You can grab the patch if you like from:


It's built for v2.1, but applies (with a few offset hunks) against 2.1.1).

What this does is allow you to approve a message that has been held for
moderation (msg exceeds size limit for example) so it can be delivered,
but preventing it from being archived if the noarchive checkbox is
checked, thus saving disk space.


Jon Earle

SAVE FARSCAPE http://www.savefarscape.com/

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