[Mailman-Users] [Subscribed members vanished]Looks to be simpleProblem, though Strange]

Ganeshh ganeshh at lateralsoftware.com
Mon Feb 10 06:57:59 CET 2003

Thanks for the detailed mail.

My observations of my mailman list.., please find the below points

I use Mailman 2.0.8
config.db.last did not overwrite config.db file
I dont have dailywise backup to find the logs on 23rd Jan
No upgrade of python was done

Thanks and Warm Regards


Jon Carnes wrote:

>Interesting... which three members are subscribed?
>   robert.faulkner at domain.com
>   roz.sutton at domain.com
>   claire.paszkiewicz at domain.com
>These are the last three.  If they are subscribed and not the earlier folks
>then you might have deleted the list and re-made it - thus the deleting of
>members would not show up.  Another thought is that the config.db.last got
>copied over the config.db thus wiping out any modifications done in one
>Do you have any backup/restores that might have taken place between 1600
>hours and 1900 hours on Jan 23rd?
>Without evidence to the contrary (like log entries of problems or a recent
>upgrade of Python on the system), I would suspect human intervention of some
>kind.  I ran 2.0.8 at one of my sites for quite a long time and never saw
>any problems. Heck I even upgraded Python on one of my 2.0.8 sites without
>re-installing Mailman and it still ran like a champ!
>Take care and good Luck!
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>Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] [Subscribed members vanished]Looks to be
>simpleProblem, though Strange]
>Can you reproduce this?  Are the users that 'vanished' similiar in some way?
>What version of mailman are you using?
>>From the look of the timestamp in the subscribe log, the first group was
>added all together, then the rest of the addresses were added seperate.  Was
>the same process followed for each of them (for example, did you add all
>them from the web page or from command line)?
>* Ganeshh (ganeshh at lateralsoftware.com) wrote:
>>Yes , Absolutely!
>>What alarms me is that, i dont "del" stamp in the
>>/home/mailman/logs/subscribe file.
>>Can you tell me why? rather i want to ensure , was the file with entries
>>would have been purposely deleted
>>Warm Regards
>>Matthew Davis wrote:
>>>Not sure if I'm following you.  Are you saying that users ghh@ user1@
>>>paul_r@ bosco@ quality@ claus@ robert.faulkner@ roz.sutton@ and
>>>claire.paszkiewicz@ (what a name...) are not on your list anymore?
>>>* Ganeshh (ganeshh at lateralsoftware.com) wrote:
>>>>Dear Lists
>>>>I am running 30 lists on mailman 2.0.8 and out of which 20 to 25 of them
>>>>are really active. The mailing system is working fine , but i like to
>>>>share with
>>>>you a strange behaviour with mailman, or maybe i dunno it could an human
>>>>I added my 31st list on 23rd January and please find the below log, as
>>>>it routine exercise of creating lists and mass subscribing the members,
>>>>i didnt check the list members status on a daily level. To my surprise
>>>>of out 9 members subscribed, only 3 of them exist.
>>>>Log data for /home/mailman/logs/subscribe file
>>>>Jan 23 16:27:19 2003 (29002) ow-ti: new ghh at domain.com
>>>>Jan 23 16:27:19 2003 (29002) ow-ti: new user1 at domain.com
>>>>Jan 23 16:27:19 2003 (29002) ow-ti: new paul_r at domain.com
>>>>Jan 23 16:27:20 2003 (29002) ow-ti: new bosco at domain.com
>>>>Jan 23 16:27:20 2003 (29002) ow-ti: new quality at domain.com
>>>>Jan 23 16:27:20 2003 (29002) ow-ti: new claus at domain.com
>>>>Jan 23 16:39:56 2003 (29838) ow-ti: pending roz.sutton at domain.com
>>>>Jan 23 16:41:03 2003 (29913) ow-ti: pending
>claire.paszkiewicz at domain.com
>>>>Jan 23 16:42:23 2003 (29989) ow-ti: pending robert.faulkner at domain.com
>>>>Jan 23 19:25:01 2003 (6969) ow-ti: new robert.faulkner at domain.com
>>>>Jan 23 20:43:01 2003 (9498) ow-ti: new roz.sutton at domain.com
>>>>Jan 29 17:58:02 2003 (16885) ow-ti: new claire.paszkiewicz at domain.com
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