[Mailman-Users] Puzzled; Selective no-archive patch.

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Mon Feb 10 17:09:11 CET 2003

There is a header you can add to the mail that tells the archives to
skip the message.  It would be simpler for you to write a small handler
that inserts that header into an email that has been marked via the
web-admin as No Archive.

Good luck - Jon Carnes

On Sun, 2003-02-09 at 23:36, Jon Earle wrote:
> NOTE:  I tried to post this to the development list earlier today, but for
> some reason, I can't seem to post there and the list admin hasn't
> responded to my inquiry.  I figured I'd try this list instead on the
> assumption that some of the developers may be subscribed to both lists and
> can perhaps also offer a suggestion as to why I'm not able to post to that
> list.
> ===
> Working on a patch to MM 2.1 (easily patches 2.1.1 too), that will
> selectively not archive messages but am having trouble getting them to not
> go into the archive.  Link to patch is here:
> http://kronos.honk.org/~jearle/files/noarchive.patch
> Essentially, I run a list where the members like to email pics and other
> funnies to each other.  This is fine with me, but I'd rather they not go
> into the archive for obvious reasons.  I made a change to the moderation
> screen to add a checkbox to not archive the particular message, or in the
> message list screen, to not archive all of them.  Obviously, the approval
> of the moderator would be required to make the noarchive option work.
> I think I've got the various pieces in place in the admin screen, and I
> have the message metadata including a 'noarchive' entry.  I then theorized
> that my next step would be to fiddle with Handlers/ToArchive.py (part of
> the qrunner?).  I thought that by adding a check for the 'noarchive' entry
> in msgdata nr the top of the process method would do the trick, but no.
> Did a slight mod to Approve.py and still no luck.  Not sure what do now
> and would appreciate any advice given.
> I've worked with C for a few years, learned Perl last Nov and this is my
> first foray into Python.
> Cheers!
> Jon
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> Jon Earle
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