[Mailman-Users] Umbrella List Spam Protection

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Thu Feb 13 05:01:56 CET 2003

Thank you very much for the detailed reply.
Please let me know if I understood what you are suggesting

(1) By having the sublists ONLY accept messages with a
To: umbrella-list-name at myserver.com
NO ONE can ever directly post to the sublists by directly sending an email
to my server since ANY email
of this form would end up going to the umbrella list first.

(2) By setting up Spam filters on each sublist to detect:

to: <sublist-name>@myserver.com   OR

cc: <sublist-name>@myserver.com

ANY emails sent directly to the sublist will be HELD.

(3) Then set up a list of acceptable non-members to post to the list (on
both the umbrella and the sublists) AND
require moderation on the umbrella for this address (but no moderation on
the sublists).

(4) An email sent from an acceptable non-member address to the Umbrella list
will be held for moderation.
Once approved it will be forwarded to the sublists and mailed out.

(5)If someone attempts to spoof this acceptable non-member address and send
to the sublists the SPAM filters will match on the "sublist-name"
in the "to:" or "cc:" fields and HOLD the message.

It appears that (5) is critical since the non-member address on the sublist
is set to allow posting without moderation.
Could you post the exact form of this spam filter "regex string".  Do I need
several different formats to detect possible variations?

How do I set the General Options (on the Umbrella and sublists) to hide the
acceptable non-member address from the mail headers
and allow the post to pass properly between the umbrella and sublists?

Any idea how I can easily create my 26 sublists without a lot of GUI clicks?

Thank you so much in advance for all your help,

> 2. The trick I think will work is to only allow postings to the sublists
> that have first gone to the umbrella list so that in most all respects the
> sublists do not have to protect themselves.
> 3. On the Privacy->Recipients page of the admin web GUI for the sublists
> set the acceptable_aliases field to contain a regex that only matches your
> umbrella list.
> 4. On the Privacy->Spam filters page of the admin web GUI for the sublists
> set the bounce_matching_headers fields to contain the following:
> to: <listname>@your.mailman.sever.com
> cc: <listname>@your.mailman.sever.com
> In essence sublists are going to allow through and distribute messages
> have been sent to the umbrella list but hold messages sent direct to
> themselves.
> Because the rules are being applied to posts by the umbrella lists we do
> not have to worry about having tight rules for the sublists as what
> them has been proved "acceptable" mail via the umbrella list.

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