[Mailman-Users] Umbrella List Spam Protection

JC Dill lists at vo.cnchost.com
Wed Feb 12 21:36:01 CET 2003

Links at Momsview wrote:
> I currently have a VERY large ( >100k)  announce only list (always
> moderated) running mailman  2.1 under Postfix.
> For performance reasons I'm considering splitting this list into 26 sublists
> based on the first letter of each subscriber email.
> I would then use an umbrella list to send to all of the sublists at once.
> As I understand it, unless I want to separately approve the message for the
> 26 sublists I need to allow at least one email address to post unmoderated
> on ALL of the sublists.  This is very scary since spammers currently try to
> post on my current large list almost daily.

Before you go down this road, be sure you have done everything possible 
in terms of selecting and configuring your outgoing mail server to 
handle the volume.  I suspect that handling the outgoing volume will be 
easier and more effective when you direct your attention towards your 
mail server, than setting up sublists on the list server.

FAQ entry 1.15 has more on this topic, and directs you to related topics:




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