[Mailman-Users] plain text vs html email (no footers in html email)

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Fri Feb 14 17:52:20 CET 2003

On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 23:42, Andy Firman wrote:
> Couple of quick questions to the Mailman gurus.
> And I apologize in advance if this is not appropriate for this list.
> 1.  Did my first newsletter post to a 5,000 member list today.
> The boss said it HAS to be html and all nice and pretty.
> <sigh>
> So off it went.  But the footers were not present.  Could not see them.
> Do I have to manually insert the footers into the html email we make?

What version of Mailman are you using?  Version 2.1 was supposed to take
care of this problem.  If you are using version 2.0.x then you will have
to include the footer as part of your html message.  This isn't so much
a Mailman problem as an MTU (email client) problem, but it is handled
better by version 2.1

> 2. I am not an html email person and this may be way OT but
> how do you make any .jpg files go into the email in an embedded
> fashion?  I couldn't figure it out and used :
>  <img src="http://www.domain.com/blah.jpg">

I think that is the best way of sending an image. Just my opinion.
> 3. Now my archives are active and the first newsletter post is all
> html code.  How can I fix that?  Do I manually have to put each
> newsletter in there as a real html page?
The archiver in Mailman is called Pipermail, and it is limited in what
it can handle.  You should consider using an external archiver like
Mhonarc (which can handle html email).

> 4. Is there an FAQ for setting up Mailman in newsletter style?
> I just did it on my own but would like to "polish" it up a bit if I can
> by reading more about how to set it up the right way.
Barry sent a nice note to the list just this week detailing how he would
setup a list as a Newsletter.  Feel free to write-up your experience and
suggestions in our open forum FAQ.

Take care - Jon Carnes

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