[Mailman-Users] Automatically create/add/remove

friedrich28 at gmx.de friedrich28 at gmx.de
Fri Feb 14 19:45:23 CET 2003

Hi there,

I'd like to integrate mailman with another application running on the 
same server. It keeps track of some courses and their members.

What I'd like to to is to add a mailing list with the same name as the 
course every time one of the admins creates a new course in the 
password protected admin interface. Whenever someone subscribes to 
this course, s/he should be added automatically to the list of 
subscribers on the corresponding list. When s/he is cancelled from the 
course, s/he should be removed.

Is there a way to call the 'create' wrapper with parameters? There 
should be no user interaction necessary, the users shouldn't even 
notice that mailman is there and being used. Since creating a course is 
only possible in the password protected area, I don't want to ask them 
for a mailman admin password. I also can't use suEXEC.

Thanks for you help,

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