[Mailman-Users] Lists work, web doesn't.

Tess Snider malkin at terpalum.umd.edu
Sun Feb 16 02:36:19 CET 2003

Oh boy, I am at the end of my rope.

I recently upgraded my Mandrake distro on my mailman server, and my lists
seem to be delivering mail just fine, but I can't reach the web pages for
them at all.

Whenever I try to reach them using the URL in the subscription email, I
	No such list [List Name]

	There currently are no publicly-advertised mailman mailing lists
	on [Server Name]. To visit the info page for an unadvertised list,
	open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the right list
	name appended.

	List administrators, you can visit the list admin overview page to
	find the management interface for your list.

	(Send questions or comments to mailman-owner at localhost.localdomain.)

Where [List Name] is the name of the list and [Server Name] is the server.

Now, before everyone says, "The server name needs to match the one for the
list!" I already checked that.  The server name is right.  Besides that, I
tried it with every other combination I could think of, and I have
VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW set to 0 in the mm_cfg.py, anyway.  And yes, the
list is advertised (and even if it wasn't, it should still come up
correctly when I go straight to its URL!).

I'm using Postfix for my mail and Apache for my web server.  I'm currently
configured with mail gid "mailman" and cgi gid "apache."

Anyone have any clues?

Thanks for your time!


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