[Mailman-Users] long subjects wrapping in Mailman

Mitchell Marks mitchell at cuip.net
Mon Feb 17 00:47:32 CET 2003

I'm also looking for a fix for this, which we've been having in MM 2.1 and 
continuing in 2.1.1.

A couple weeks back, I saw some references to a patch from Tokio Kikuchi 
for changing the handling of Subjects, and wonder if that would be relevant 
here.  But my impression was that that was just for digests.  The problem 
that NOW Coordinator and I are having is particular to nondigest messages 
-- not that it can't happen in digests, but it doesn't matter there the 
same way.  It's problematic just when the client gives a single-line 
display in an overview or mailbox-summary window, and the message Subject 
appears truncated to the [list tag].

At 01:39 PM 2/16/03, NOW Website Coordinator wrote:
>When we send out a message with a long subject using Mailman, in some 
>mailers the subject wraps on to a second line (thus invisible in the 
>subject index of mailers like Eudora).

Our list recipients who use pine or IMHO (a webmail client) as their client 
don't see this odd newline problem, but those with Eudora do.  From looking 
at my mailbox as plain text, I'm pretty sure the line break is in there, 
and the clients that don't have a problem with it are fixing things up nicely.


>It wraps right after the list name, ie:
>  [now-test-list]
>Here is our too long message subject right here
>but is fine with shorter ones:
>[now-test--list] Shorter subject here

We have some cases where one list is subscribed to another, so both insert 
their tags.  In such cases the unwanted newline usually comes after the 
second tag (which was the first one inserted).  For instance:

    Subject: [Mentors] [Trainees]
      Plans for the upcoming Spring Training sessions beginning in March

I've checked that the list name tag doesn't contain a stray 
newline!  (Besides, then the bad break would show up with shorter 
Subjects.)   Also I've tried sending messages through with Subject lines 
like that (but on one line), including the list tags, and they come through 
okay.  So it seems to be connected with the listname tag insertion, and not 
a matter of general wrapping being done on Subect lines.


And thanks from me too,

Mitch Marks

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