[Mailman-Users] Challenge

Simon White simon at mtds.com
Mon Feb 17 15:16:25 CET 2003

17-Feb-03 at 09:58, Cody Harris (hchs at ns.sympatico.ca) wrote :
> Heh, if anyone wants to, they can try to install Mailman on my Win32 box. I 
> have, uh, never used Python so it'd be stupid for me to try. If anyone 
> does, they should give the good folks at Mailman (developers) a hint that 
> they should make a Win32 release of it. That is, if it works. It's an open 
> market, and if someone wants to make an offer, e-mail me back at 
> <mailto:hchs at ns.sympatico.ca>hchs at ns.sympatico<mailto:hchs at ns.sympatico.ca>.ca. 
> heh, good luck anyone who tries.

I would stab a guess that Windows would work. Since the product is free,
the market doesn't really matter.

Getting an MTA to talk with Win32 might be harder, but apparently Exim
and maybe Postfix will work under cygwin.

Python already exists for Win32.

I don't see your point though.

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