[Mailman-Users] Challenge

Cody Harris hchs at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon Feb 17 15:09:17 CET 2003

Why not make a release of it? The wider the user range, the more popular. 
If nobody will take any interest, so be it.

At 10:16 AM 2/17/03, you wrote:
>17-Feb-03 at 09:58, Cody Harris (hchs at ns.sympatico.ca) wrote :
> > Heh, if anyone wants to, they can try to install Mailman on my Win32 
> box. I
> > have, uh, never used Python so it'd be stupid for me to try. If anyone
> > does, they should give the good folks at Mailman (developers) a hint that
> > they should make a Win32 release of it. That is, if it works. It's an open
> > market, and if someone wants to make an offer, e-mail me back at
> > 
> <mailto:hchs at ns.sympatico.ca>hchs at ns.sympatico<mailto:hchs at ns.sympatico.ca>.ca. 
> > heh, good luck anyone who tries.
>I would stab a guess that Windows would work. Since the product is free,
>the market doesn't really matter.
>Getting an MTA to talk with Win32 might be harder, but apparently Exim
>and maybe Postfix will work under cygwin.
>Python already exists for Win32.
>I don't see your point though.
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