[Mailman-Users] Upgrade to 2.1

Richard Barrett R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk
Thu Feb 20 16:18:18 CET 2003

At 12:08 20/02/2003, Mozzi wrote:
>Hallo all
>I am upgrading to 2.1 now from 2.0.13
>a couple of questions
>How safe is it to install into the previuos mailman directory (/home/mailman)?
>If I do not install in the old directory how easy is it to copy my lists

I upgraded my production MM 2.0.13 to MM 2.1 (and later that to 2.1.1) by 
installing over the old installation without any problems. The machine 
concerned supports over 460 lists, some with archives and some without, and 
conversion was a non-event; only a 20 minute interruption in service. I did 
set up a few scripts using $prefix/bin/withlist and base on 
$prefix/bin/fix_url.py to sort out some of the list attributes that were 
not to my liking after the upgrade.

Just make sure you read the install and upgrade notes thoroughly and watch 
out for potential problems if you have used things like patch #413752 on 
your MM 2.0.x installation.

I confess I cheat by doing test runs: I installed MM 2.0.13 with all the 
patches I was using on my production MM 2.0.13 system onto my secondary 
server, added some sample lists and then did a trial upgrade to MM 2.1 
(initially beta). Repeated this until upgrading the test system was 
completely trouble free; then doing the real thing was a non-event. Doing 
this was where I sorted out the fixup scripts I needed, and found the sting 
in the tail of patch #413752 and developed patch #651406 to fix it (which 
btw works OK with MM 2.1 and 2.1.1 source).

I started using this test upgrade approach when I first upgraded from MM 
2.0.3 and have stuck with it ever since. Train hard, fight easy!

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