[Mailman-Users] Python RH 7.3

Klaus Steinberger Klaus.Steinberger at Physik.Uni-Muenchen.DE
Thu Feb 20 17:57:10 CET 2003

>>I want to upgrade mailman 2.1
>>It tells me my pyhon is to old, what is the esiest way to upgrade python ?
> Well, leave the old Python. RH needs it.
> Just go to www.python.org and download the 2.2 source. (only RH8 rpms there)

Not necessary, there is an python2-2.2 rpm on the RH7.3 disks. Install 
that besides the python-1.5xx rpms

But be warned, there are security issues with the python rpms on the CD. 
you should get the newest from RedHat up2date.


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