[Mailman-Users] MM 2.1 topics question...

Jeff Hahn jeffh at gryphongardens.com
Thu Feb 20 20:04:58 CET 2003

I'm playing with topics to see how they work.

I want to hold any message that doesn't match an existing topic.

(actually I'd also like to hold any message that has more than one topic, 
but that can wait for step two)

let's say we have topics AAA and BBB and topics must be in subject.

if I use "subject: .*AAA.*|.*BBB.*" in the spam filters on the privacy 
option page, it works backwords (as you would expect).  

how the heck do I "negate" that regular expression?

it would seem that 	"subject: [^.*AAA.*|.*BBB.*]" or 
			"subject: [^[.*AAA.*|.*BBB.*]]"

but those don't seem to work as they should

I'm obviously missing something simple (greedy matching perhaps?), but I 
can't seem to see it.

any helpful hints???



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