[Mailman-Users] Upgrade to 2.1

Andy Firman debian at firman.us
Fri Feb 21 19:18:37 CET 2003

> >I am upgrading to 2.1 now from 2.0.13
> >a couple of questions
> >How safe is it to install into the previuos mailman directory
> > (/home/mailman)? If I do not install in the old directory how easy is it
> > to copy my lists across?
> I upgraded my production MM 2.0.13 to MM 2.1 (and later that to 2.1.1) by
> installing over the old installation without any problems. 

I would like to do the same but I am using Debian 3.0.

Any Debian users on this list?
How would I upgrade from 2.0.11?

When I installed the system I just did an apt-get install mailman.

Do I need to do a source install to upgrade?
Not sure if I can do that.

(same thing with Exim 3 to Exim 4.......I have no clue how to upgrade but
that question is probably not appropriate here.....)

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