[Mailman-Users] Mailman and Postfix *2*?

Jeremy Butler jbutler at ua.edu
Mon Feb 24 15:35:07 CET 2003

As a sendmail newbie, I was having too much trouble implementing Mailman's 
aliasing system and so--at Keith Mastin's suggestion--I shifted over to 
Postfix.  I'm happy to say that that works like a charm!  Thanks very much.

But it does bring up a new question:

Does Mailman work well with the recently released (20030112), version *2* 
of Postfix?

The version I used this week is version 1, which came pre-installed on my 
RedHat 8 system.  (Indeed, one can switch in RH8 from sendmail to Postfix 
via a GUI!)  But I'm wondering if I should upgrade to Postfix 2 before I 
get much further into the configuration of Mailman and version 1 of Postfix.

Thanks for the advice.

Jeremy Butler
jbutler at ua.edu

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