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John Redmond jredmond at operamail.com
Mon Feb 24 17:28:19 CET 2003


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 Wrote as follows... 

> As a sendmail newbie, I was having too much trouble implementing Mailman's 
> aliasing system and so--at Keith Mastin's suggestion--I shifted over to 
> Postfix.  I'm happy to say that that works like a charm!  Thanks very much.
> But it does bring up a new question:
> Does Mailman work well with the recently released (20030112), version *2* 
> of Postfix?
> The version I used this week is version 1, which came pre-installed on my 
> RedHat 8 system.  (Indeed, one can switch in RH8 from sendmail to Postfix 
> via a GUI!)  But I'm wondering if I should upgrade to Postfix 2 before I 
> get much further into the configuration of Mailman and version 1 of Postfix.
> Thanks for the advice.

I installed 2.1 with Postfix 2.0.3 and all appears well. Mind you this is based on simple testing with low traffic, as I'm just getting ready to  test with for actual users!  


John Redmond
London, Ontario Canada
jredmond at operamail.com

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