[Mailman-Users] <MM-Mailman-Footer> Mailman 2.0.11

Andy Firman debian at firman.us
Wed Feb 26 08:32:29 CET 2003

Sorry for the basic question but its important to me.
I have tried to figure this out on my own.
I have 2.0.11 installed on Debian 3.0.
(can't upgrade because I don't know how and there is not a budget for my time)

I want my signup page to look like this Redhat page with the logos having
links on the bottom:

I have my logos working but I can't figure out how to link to
python, gnu, and mailman.  All you see is the logs but there are no links.

I know I can cut and paste the html code in place of the 
<MM-Mailman-Footer> but it does not look very good.

Where do I find, and how do I edit, the MM-Mailman-Footer???

Thanks.  Andy

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