[Mailman-Users] mailman 2.1 message footer problem

BÁRTHÁZI András andras at barthazi.hu
Tue Feb 25 18:25:06 CET 2003


I've installed mailman 2.1, and I have a problem. I've posted it into
the FAQ:

3.19. How do I prevent Mailman to attach signs when the mail body is not
When I send a letter to a Mailman 2.1 mailserver, and the body of the
mail contains non-ASCII characters, the sign I set for the list comes in
attachment. The sign just contains ASCII characters. How do I enforce
Mailman no to attach the sign, but to send it in the body? 

Actually, the invers case has the same problem: when the body of the
mail is in US-ASCII, and the footer contains ISO-8859-2 charaters, then
it will come as an attachment.

Can you help me? If it's a list, then I'm not the member of it, please
use cc for answers.


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