[Mailman-Users] Umbrella lists: problems when unsubscribing

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Wed Feb 26 20:38:22 CET 2003

We've discussed this on the list before as well.  The key is to replace
the -unsubscribe alias with a script that finds the email address in one
of the sublists and then either unsubscribe them from the sublist, or
sends them back a URL that points to the web-based unsubscribe for the

Something like this:
 We recieved an unsubscribe request from: johnc at nc.rr.com
 To unsubscribe please visit:

You could also simply have the script find the proper sublist and then
forward the unsubscribe message onto that sublist

The archives contain some samples for generating email activated scripts
and commands.

Good Luck - Jon Carnes

BTW: I also recommend that you edit the listinfo webpage for the Master
list so that it points users to the individual sublists (should they
need to edit their settings).  This works easily for Umbrella lists that
are separated out using some logical identifiable parameter like the
first letter of the email address or the department of an organization.

On Tue, 2003-02-25 at 15:19, Rostyk Ivantsiv wrote:
> Hello!
>       Need some help with umbrella lists (I think it was discussed
>       earlier in the list but it is not covered in the umbrella faq):
>       For example I have an umbrella list U, which has members - the
>       email addresses of other lists - A, B, C. I configured A, B, C
>       to receive mail from U without moderation (privacy options), so
>       everything works ok. Now consider some userA, who is a member of
>       A sublist, wants to unsubscribe, so he sends mail with
>       subj="unsubscribe" to U-request at mylistserver.com and gets a
>       response that he is not a member of U!!!
>       This problem can be solved by providing the necessary email
>       addresses in the footers of every sublist:
>       <footer of A>
>       Unsubscribe address: A-request at mylistserver.com
>       <footer of U>
>       <empty>
>       but it is inconvenient when there are many sublists (>10), and
>       besides it's better for userA to assume he is a member of U.
>       So any suggestions?
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