[Mailman-Users] ht://Dig error

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.demon.co.uk
Wed Feb 26 22:00:59 CET 2003

At 07:13 26/02/2003, C. Posey wrote:
>I am trying to get htdig working with my mailman installation. Searched 
>the archives and did not find the answer. I was hoping someone could point 
>me in the right direction.
>I have applied the patches and everything seem to be ok with the install, 
>night rundig works fine, search form shows up on list info pages, but 
>whenever I click the search button I am getting this error:
>ht://Dig error
>htsearch detected an error.  Please report this to the webmaster of this 
>site.  The error message is:
>Unable to read configuration file
>I am a little confused about the HTDIG_CONF_LINK_DIR and 
>HTDIG_MAILMAN_LINK vars though and I suspect this may be where the error 
>lies. My htdig is in /var/www/htdig/, and my mailman dir is 
>/usr/local/mailman/. I have created a symbolic link htdig-mailman -> 
>Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'll guess from what you've said that there is a directory called 
/var/www/htdig/conf which contains a file called htdig.conf as part of your 
htdig installation. This is the dault directory where htdig expect to find 
config files and the default htdig.conf file.

If that is so, then you need to create the symlink called htdig-mailman in 
the /var/www/htdig/conf, pointing at /usr/local/mailman/archives/htdig.

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