[Mailman-Users] Editing templates via the web

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Thu Feb 27 05:04:26 CET 2003

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Hi all,

One thing that's been troubling for me running mailman via a web host, is
the lack of ability to edit templates for more than just the listinfo,
subscribe, and options html pages since I don't have access to just copy and
edit the files from a shell like I would on servers I control.

For example, when I'm setting up an announcement list, it's important to me
to be able to edit subscribeack.txt so I can remove the part about posting
to the list.  I was curious about doing this via the web so I took a look at
~mailman/Mailman/Cgi/edithtml.py.  Like the other parts of mailman I've
looked at, the code is really easy to follow -- even for someone that
doesn't really know python (which is a great credit to all the mailman
developers.  ;-)

I added another entry to the template_data array (or list or what's it
called in python? :).  Then I visited the web page for editing templates and
there was my link to the subscribeack.txt file.  I edited it and saved and
it sure looks like it worked without any problems.

So my question is: why not allow more template editing via the web for those
folks who use mailman via a webhost?  What issues are there with allowing a
list admin to edit these files -- over and above the issues that might be
raised with the templates they already can edit, that is?

Not knowing the code well the worst thing I can think of is that the admin
could mess up their templates and give themselves a headache.  If that's it,
perhaps a simple function that would revert to the default template would
alleviate this concern.

Looking for a little enlightenment,

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