[Mailman-Users] Re: Cron script every minute

Roger Lynn Roger at compsoc.man.ac.uk
Thu Feb 27 01:07:46 CET 2003

Jordan Dahlke <jdahlke at ieee.umn.edu> wrote:
 > I hope I'm not troubling anyone, and that this isn't answered
 > anywhere. And I apologize if you don't feel this to be a mailman
 > issue. Since mailman has a cron script run every minute, and cron, on
 > Debian anyways, uses pam, and pam uses the pam_unix module, every
 > minute mailman gets a log in them /var/log/auth.log among others. Is
 > there a workaround for this that I should be aware of? It just seems
 > silly to fill the logs with this information every minute.

Can I echo this please? It also spams my syslog, and makes if very 
difficult to see anything else.

It might be worth posting a wishlist bug against the Debian package as 
this appears to be Debian specific.


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