[Mailman-Users] 2.1 Install Issues

David LeVine dhl at SPHDS.Org
Wed Jan 1 00:40:05 CET 2003


My server is running Solaris 2.8 with Python 2.2.2.  I just downloaded and
installed the 2.1 tarball and I've run into a few issues.  Please point me
to the correct FAQ if I've done something wrong, otherwise, please add them
to the list of things to be addressed:

- Not all of the icons were copied over from the source directory into the
  ~mailman/icons directory during the 'make install'; only the GNU icon was,
  neither the Python nor the mailman icon were.

- All of the subdirectories under ~mailman/{messages,templates} were created
  with permissions 02755 instead of 02775.

- When I create a list and try to change the 'description' under the 'general
  options', the change is ignored.

- When I submit any change under the 'general options', it now pops me back
  to the authentication page (it didn't do this under 2.0.13).

Thanks for any guidance or updates!


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