[Mailman-Users] Timing Question...

Jim Popovitch jimpop at rocketship.com
Wed Jan 1 06:25:25 CET 2003

Hi Chris,

I've never assed my users, but I reserve the option to do it in the future
if needed.  Of course I will more than likely send them a welcome message
when I do. :)

As for questions 1 & 2, it is all in the timing.  Presumably all 150 users
were subscribed before the first notification went out to you.  Therefore it
is safe to say that they also received the first post from you.


-Jim P.

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> I added about 150 users to the list, I mistakenly had the "send
> subscription confirmations email" option set to true, so I got 150
> message, I assed them without a welcome message.
> I did not wait for all 150 user confirmations to hit my mailbox before
> sending a mail out to the list, after sending this mail, I got th
> remainder of the confirmations.
> So, what happened....
> 	1.....did everyone in the mailing list get it
> 	2.....did everyone whom I had gotten confirmations for get it.
> My test email address got it, but it was already subscribed.
> Thanks in advance.
>   Chris
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