[Mailman-Users] MM2.1 Upgrading trouble.

Marco Trevisan | Bazzmann.Com info at bazzmann.com
Thu Jan 2 00:47:44 CET 2003

Barry A. Warsaw wrote:

Thanks Barry,

 > The wrapper was renamed in MM2.1.  See README.QMAIL for details.

Have I to execute the "contrib/qmail-to-mailman.py"?
Do this automatically convert alias to the new ones?

I'm using Mailman with Plesk, I forgot to tell you. :)

BTW, I just noted another difference. The MM archives were
hosted under pipermail /public or /private directories. Every
archive now point to the master server account (for example):


And not to the lists.* URL:


And it's so also for differents domains (I host differents sites,
.com, .net, .it and so on)... the domain for the archives is the
same listed above (wmge7c).

Some suggestion?

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