[Mailman-Users] MM2.1 > Some question resolved, another one question.

Marco Trevisan | Bazzmann.Com info at bazzmann.com
Thu Jan 2 03:29:48 CET 2003

Thanks to suggestion from Barry, I think I resolved my troubles.

I found the problem of URL inside the Default.py, in fact the
default URL was changed (maybe MM picked up the name of server
automatically). I changed it and it works, at now at least! :)

The wrapper question was resolved changing the name of wrapper
inside aliases in QMail (in fact they pointed to /wrapper and
not to /mailman).

I have now one more question. I used "newlist" script to make
a new test list. I see that, differently to 2.0.13, alias in
qmail don't be created automatically.

So I read the Default.py and I see part about MTA="Manual" to
print aliases... have I to set it different to reset again to
automatically aliases to Qmail?

Sorry for bad english, hope you understand as well! :)

In any case, really great work guys, I really love this new
version! :)

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