[Mailman-Users] Install issue on Mac OS 10.2.3

Charles Sebold sebold at lcms.org
Thu Jan 2 17:10:38 CET 2003

On 28 Teveth 5763, Jean-Michel Biraghi wrote:

> I use the very useful Kathleen Webb's step guide to install mailman
> 2.1 on Jaguar 10.2.3. I know nothing about Unix...
> Everything is OK till step 4 with the permissions. The two commands
> "make" and "bin/check_perms" are not found... and I can't go
> on... I've tried as administrator and root as well... It's certainly
> something very simple to resolve but I need help... Did somebody get
> the same problem ?

If you're missing "make" then it sounds like you haven't installed the
Developer's Tools CDROM - either that or the variable called "$PATH"
that contains the directories in which your shell looks for things to
run, is messed up.

If you haven't installed the Developer's Tools, do that.

If you have, then maybe we could start by posting the output of the
commands "whereis make" and "echo $PATH".
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