[Mailman-Users] Archive and web link problems with 2.1

John Swartzentruber johnslists at mcswartz.org
Thu Jan 2 18:34:29 CET 2003

I just installed Mailman 2.1 this morning. I'm discovering a couple
problems and I'm not sure if they are mine or mailman's.

1. When I go to the private archive for a list at
http://mcswartz.org.swartz/mailman/private/listname, I see the usual
possibilities. Unfortunately the links do not work. For example, to
view archives by thread for this year, the URL is:


This doesn't work because it is missing the list name. The correct URL


Is this a problem in Mailman, or is my configuration wrong somehow? I
installed Mailman 2.1 from source into the default location. I'm
running RedHat7.3, so this was not the location where Mailman 2.0.13
was installed. After everything was installed, I moved my lists to the
new location (from /var/mailman/lists to /usr/local/mailman/lists).

2. I'm not sure if this is a problem or is as intended. I am running a
small personal network. My server computer, which runs sendmail and
apache, is inside my network and behind my firewall/router. Because of
this, I need have aliases set up that allow me to access my webpages.
That means that although my real site is www.mcswartz.org, I access it
internally as mcswartz.org.swartz (as I showed above).

My problem is that on some of the administration pages, some links link
to http://mcswartz.org.swartz/mailman/... and other's link to

For example, from
http://mcswartz.org.swartz/mailman/admin/listname/members, I can access
all of the "configuration categories" correctly, but I cannot "Go to
list archives". Even more annoying, I can only see the A's that are
subscribed to my list because all of the other letters link to the
www.mcswartz.org URLs, which I cannot access internally.

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