[Mailman-Users] aliases in README.QMAIL

Stanton Schell stanton at virginia.edu
Thu Jan 2 21:09:41 CET 2003

I am running qmail as my MTA and I just installed 2.1 final and was 
getting deferrals based on "Illegal_command:_mailcmd/" and 
"Illegal_command:_mailowner/".  I changed the aliases for the list to 
use the commands "request" and "owner" instead of "mailcmd" and 
"mailowner" and that fixed things.  However, the alias creation script 
in README.QMAIL contains those faulty commands...
p.s. i want to thank the developers as well - 2.1 looks fantastic, 
works very well (FreeBSD, Qmail, Apache 2, Python 2.2.2 & 2.1.3) and 
the improvements are _so_ well-conceived - thank you!
Stanton Schell
stanton at virginia.edu
h. 434.982.6189
aim. stanton at mac.com
391 Johnson #106
Charlottesville, VA 22904 

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