[Mailman-Users] mm2.1 - message is unparsable

Bryan Fullerton bryanf at samurai.com
Fri Jan 3 02:27:15 CET 2003

I guess now that mm2.1 has been released, general questions should go 
here? If not, let me know and I'll send to -dev.

Just installed mm2.1 and moved over some lists yesterday. Today I found 
the following in logs/error:

Jan 02 18:58:19 2003 (35619) message is unparsable: 
Jan 02 18:58:19 2003 (35619) lost data files for filebase: 

I see there's a file with that filename in qfiles/bad which seems to be 
spam sent to mailman-owner.

- should I be worried about the "lost data files" message?
- is there a 'proper' way to deal with this message, or can I just rm 
the file?

I get a lot of spam sent to mailman-owner, so seems likely I'll get a 
few of these...



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