[Mailman-Users] features or bugs ?

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Fri Jan 3 04:35:52 CET 2003

>>>>> "jb" == jorge becerra <jorge.becerra at icc-cuba.com> writes:

    jb> 1-I have .mbox older than one year with archivers configured
    jb> to one month.  I recreate the files and bin/arch seems to know
    jb> not much about the years, he mixes january from 2002 and
    jb> 2003. Is there any way to avoid that if a have more that a
    jb> year of messages on a .mbox ?

Weird, I haven't seen this.  Check the Date headers of the original
messages very carefully.

    jb> 2-One reason for me to move to version 2.1 was the attachments
    jb> separation, but i found that he change the last letter of the
    jb> extension , for example store "myfile.xls" as "myfile.xlb",
    jb> sould i have something missconfigured ?

This one I know about.  It's because the mapping in Python's
mimetypes.py picks xlb before xls for Excel files.  Hmm...


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