[Mailman-Users] upgrading plaintext patched 2.0.13 to 2.1

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Fri Jan 3 05:19:43 CET 2003

>>>>> "DP" == Dan Phillips <dhphllps at memphis.edu> writes:

    DP> I apologize for my total ignorance of Python - the only
    DP> programming I usually do is of concerts and recitals :-)

Cool!  One of these days we definitely need a Mailman jam session. :)

    DP> The upgrading readme for 2.1 mentions problems with versions
    DP> having plaintext patch #413752. I followed the links and read
    DP> all that is there, and also searched the archives, but am
    DP> unsure how I need to proceed.

I guess you've applied the patch?  You would have had to do it
explicitly since it wasn't a supported patch.  See the comments in
that patch if you have, for a link to a solution.


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