[Mailman-Users] Archive and web link problems with 2.1

John Swartzentruber johnslists at mcswartz.org
Fri Jan 3 14:55:51 CET 2003

On Thu, 2 Jan 2003 23:09:15 -0500, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:

>>>>>> "JS" == John Swartzentruber <johnslists at mcswartz.org> writes:
>    JS> 1. When I go to the private archive for a list at
>    JS> http://mcswartz.org.swartz/mailman/private/listname, I see the
>Wow, I wasn't aware that "swartz" was a new TLD. :)

Well, you learn something new every day :-) 

>    JS> Is this a problem in Mailman, or is my configuration wrong
>    JS> somehow? I installed Mailman 2.1 from source into the default
>    JS> location. I'm running RedHat7.3, so this was not the location
>    JS> where Mailman 2.0.13 was installed. After everything was
>    JS> installed, I moved my lists to the new location (from
>    JS> /var/mailman/lists to /usr/local/mailman/lists).
>Check your Defaults.py and mm_cfg.py files to see if things like

It has the default value in Default.py, and I haven't overridden it in
mm_cfg.py. It is:
PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL = 'http://%(hostname)s/pipermail/%(listname)s'

It seems that if this value were bad, it would not get me to the main
archives page. As it is, I can get there fine, but the links on that
page are incorrect. I don't know Python (I'm pretty much 100% C++ for
the last 12 years), but if you give me some pointers, I could try to
snoop around a bit.

Actually, I just found something interesting. It might be an Apache
configuration problem. If so and someone has a clue, I'd appreciate
hearing about it.

When I use this URL:


The links (which I see are relative), leave out the "listname" part.

But when I use this URL:


The links include the "listname" part and work correctly.

>    JS> My problem is that on some of the administration pages, some
>    JS> links link to http://mcswartz.org.swartz/mailman/... and
>    JS> other's link to http://www.mcswartz.org/mailman/...
>    JS> For example, from
>    JS> http://mcswartz.org.swartz/mailman/admin/listname/members, I
>    JS> can access all of the "configuration categories" correctly,
>    JS> but I cannot "Go to list archives". Even more annoying, I can
>    JS> only see the A's that are subscribed to my list because all of
>    JS> the other letters link to the www.mcswartz.org URLs, which I
>    JS> cannot access internally.
>I don't think Mailman's gong to work to well this way.  Basically, you
>can't give lists multiple personalities.  You'll probably have to do
>some fancy redirections with Apache to make this work.

Couldn't Mailman produce the URLs more consistently? For example, when
I look at the HTML, some of the links start with "../../../admin/", and
some of them start with "http://www.mcswartz.org/mailman/admin/". The
relative URLs work fine for me, but the absolute ones don't.

Thanks for your help.

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