[Mailman-Users] Converting 2.0 to 2.1

Kyle Rhorer rhorer at swbell.net
Fri Jan 3 17:58:11 CET 2003

On Thursday 02 January 2003 21:40, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
>     MJ> 2.) can we switch back to 2.0.13 easily in case we encounter
> a MJ> problem or do the DBs get converted somehow?
> Yes, of course they do!  No, you cannot easily downgrade, so I'd
> suggest making backups first if you're concerned.

This might be a good opportunity to remind folks that prudent system 
administration practice dictates one make not only frequent, scheduled 
backups, but also a one-off backup before upgrading software.  I'm sure 
we all know that already, but it's easy to become complacent.

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