[Mailman-Users] Htdig patch not available

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.demon.co.uk
Fri Jan 3 21:39:21 CET 2003

At 16:49 03/01/2003, Listmom wrote:
>Has anyone been able to access the htdig patch (444884) for Mailman 2.1?
>When I follow the link on source forge, I get an empty page.
>Never raise your fist in anger.  It leaves your groin unprotected.
>Tod L Glenn
>webmaster at travellercentral.com

This is a result of some problem with sourceforge and all depends on what 
version of what browser on what OS. Results have ranged from blank page 
through a partial page to a full page with links to the files.

I reported it to the sourceforge people this morning and they have emailed 
me this afternoon to say the problem has been fixed. Since then I have been 
able to access the full page with both IE and Netscape and access the 
posted patch file.

If  anyone is still having problems I can email the patch file as an 
attachment but please ask only if it is strictly necessary.

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