[Mailman-Users] Question about fixing an install..

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Sat Jan 4 00:46:59 CET 2003

>>>>> "GS" == Glenn Sieb <ges+lists at wingfoot.org> writes:

    GS> I am still running 2.1b5, and would like to upgrade to
    GS> 2.1RC1... but I'd like to resolve this one eetsy problem.

    GS> I had failed to create the "mailman" list as the first list in
    GS> my install. I have since done so--but I still get the cron
    GS> error:

    GS> Site list is missing: mailman

It would be worth investigating why you still get this.  You shouldn't!
You cd to /usr/local/mailman and type "bin/list_lists".  Does the
mailman list show up there?  It should.

    GS> So I figure, hey.. I want to upgrade to RC1... is there a way
    GS> I can make this a smooth transition and fix this error? Can I
    GS> back up my old lists, then back up my mailman directory,
    GS> install the new version, create the mailman list, and finally
    GS> import all the settings and such into the new install? Will
    GS> this cause any of my list owners grief?

The databases for 2.1b5, 2.1rc1, and 2.1final are completely identical
so your files should work just fine in any of those versions, although
of course I'll recommend moving to 2.1 final instead of messing with
betas or release candidates.  I don't think any of those will have any
effect on your site-list problem.


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