[Mailman-Users] problems with different chatsets (footer gets attached if different)

Sebastian Talmon sebastian at talmon.net
Mon Jan 6 21:24:31 CET 2003

* Ben Gertzfield <che at debian.org> wrote:

> What would happen if you did include something in the footer with 
> iso-8859-1-only characters in it?  We would HAVE to attach the footer 
> with the different charset then.

hm, yes, that's right....

I see, internationalisation is not such an easy thing... *g*

after I'd posted my message to this list I looked over the
mailman-source-code by myself...

In the file 'Decorate.py' i saw a possible sollution for
my "problem":

If I understand it right, then all other charsets have the
us-ascii-charset in it - and:
  - if the Footer-Charset is us-ascii and the posted message
    is something like ISO-8859-1 (for example your mail) then
    the Footer is added without problems (yes, there are non,
    because the us-ascii-footer is also correct ISO-8859-1)
  - if the Footer-Charset is ISO-8859-1 (as on my lists) and
    someone posts messages in us-ascii then the footer gets
    attaches as MIME-part (technically also correct - but
    optically it's not so nice to have the footer as seperate

I think a good solution for this would be, to do just the
same as with the us-ascii-footer on this list:

to switch the whole message to the 'higher' charset and then
integrate the footer as normal...
For a us-ascii-Message it should be no problem to have a

I've tried this by myself, but with no luck... I don't are so
familiar with the python-language...

Maybe that's a thing for the wish-list?


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