[Mailman-Users] problems with different chatsets (footer gets attached if different)

Sebastian Talmon sebastian at talmon.net
Mon Jan 6 23:18:50 CET 2003

* Ben Gertzfield <che at debian.org> wrote
>[changing the content-type of the whole message]
> Are there really so many people out there who are using 
> non-MIME-compliant mail readers that this is necessary?

yes, there are some people out there using MS Outlook or so...
there the footer is not shown in the message, but attached
as a Attachement called ATT00010.txt ...

>  In any 
> MIME-compliant mail reader, the two parts should just show up together 
> as one in the message content.

Yes, in "good" mail clients they do  (I've tested NetscapeMail, Mutt,
and also OutlookExpress seems to work fine with different mime-types)

But... maybe, if all people using MS Outlook get messages with
Attachements, they possibly start thinking about switching to a
better client *g*


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