[Mailman-Users] mm2.1 cookie problem?

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Jan 7 06:08:13 CET 2003

>>>>> "BF" == Bryan Fullerton <bryanf at samurai.com> writes:

    BF> Is there any limit to the length of the list-name variables or
    BF> the comparisons?

None except limits on directory names in your OS's file system.  I
doubt you're even close. :)
    BF> Is there any other way a cookie request for
    BF> "trawler-world-list-help" would return the cookie for
    BF> "trawler-world-list"?

Not that I can think of.
    BF> Is -help a 'reserved' extension like
    BF> -request or -admin?


    BF> I'm using Python 2.2.2, compiled from the FreeBSD port (port
    BF> version python-2.2.2_2, installed December 1st).

I'm still putting my money on Apache.

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