[Mailman-Users] mm2.1 cookie problem?

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Jan 7 06:15:18 CET 2003

>>>>> "BF" == Bryan Fullerton <bryanf at samurai.com> writes:

    >> I had the same problem initially. I manually deleted all the
    >> old cookies set by mailman and it worked fine. Deleting just
    >> the cookie from that list didn't help.

    BF> Unfortunately, in this case both of the lists are active, so
    BF> they're setting cookies all the time. Telling my list-owner
    BF> that he has to delete all his cookies for his other 10 mm2.0
    BF> lists on my server every time he wants to admin his mm2.1 list
    BF> isn't really a good solution IMHO. :/

BTW, for the hacker inclined, an possibly useful way to debug this is
to edit SecurityManager.py, the __checkone() method.  Stick something
like this before the first try: line (untested):

    syslog('debug', 'key: %s, c[key]: %s, val: %s', key, c[key], c[key].value)

then tail logs/debug until you see the problem.  Maybe something
interesting will show up.


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