[Mailman-Users] Login Persistence and Cookies

Paul Allen Rice mailman at fantasticwebsites.com
Wed Jan 8 02:37:32 CET 2003

I've seen several (too many) messages to the list about people logging into
the archives or the administrative pages for various versions of Mailman,
only to have their changes not saved, and be thrown back to the
authentication page.  I've NOT seen anyone offer a solution.  

It appears that the problems are more on the browser end than on the server
end.  I've upgraded to the 2.1 final release and have no problems myself
(using MSIE on XP Pro with cookies enabled).  However, one of my list
admins tells me that he has this problem with Mozilla, but not with Galeon.
 He has cookies enabled in ALL of his browsers tho.  

I've noticed that when I log out of the admin page for one list, go to
another and login there, then come back to the first list, all without
shutting down my browser, Mailman allows me back into the first list admin
area without requesting a login.  

There's obviously some sort of persistence thing going on here, since we
all have cookies enabled, but some cookies "go stale" quicker than others.

Does anyone have a definitive answer for this, other than to tell me to
turn my cookies on, because they already are.  Is there some sort of
setting that can be tweaked in Mailman/Python to adjust the lifespan of the
cookies it creates?

Paul Rice
Fantastic Websites

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