[Mailman-Users] problem with pipermail

syed syed at mimos.my
Wed Jan 8 05:21:13 CET 2003

> Is the request pending for an administrator?  Or is it not getting delivered by mailman?
> Check logs/qrunner and logs/error
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i guess it not getting delivered by mailman.
i create a test list and send subcription to it, after a while i get an email for confirmation, after
simply reply that email.. i got no respon either my request is approved or not.
the only clue i have is logs/subscribe

Jan 08 12:16:20 2003 (840) aposc-mailinglist: pending syed at yahoo.com infoniti159.net.mal.my

there is no error in logs/error
and in my logs directory thereis no qrunner file.

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